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Red Crown Tattoos

The undisputed KINGS of Ford Rd., That's why we hold the CROWN. Ready, willing, and able to accomplish all of your tattooing needs. From old school to new school and everything in between, portraits to tribal - There's nothing we can't do..

So, your getting your first tattoo? Or maybe your a bod mod vet who needs a refresher? Regardless of your "status" in the body modification community, there are some basics everyone should know when getting a tattoo. The first thing eveyone as the asks, "does it hurt?"
When it's your first piercing, it's hard to know what a normal reaction is. You probably know that it will hurt for a while, but how long? Should you have any discharge from the piercing site? Is it supposed to pinch? Are you doing something wrong, or was it pierced incorrectly?
Just about anyone can get a tattoo removed. The degree of success varies on the tattoo, the individual's immune system and skin color amongst other factors. Black tattoos on fair skin seem to be the easiest to remove, while yellows and pinks can be more difficult to remove.